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Carebag Toilet Kit

Carebag Toilet Kit

Price: £34.95

The CareBag Toilet Kit is a unique and revolutionary patented logistical and sanitary solution.

The Toilet Kit has been specifically invented for nomad use, when no toilets are available. It is the ideal solution for soldiers in the field, NGOs handling refugees and disaster planning. It is also useful in case of event-planning (temporary medical units during marathons, festivals…) and when no toilets are available such as on boats, trucks, camping cars…

CareBag Toilet Kit Features:

1 x Rigidified Carton box (the toilet seat) used to sit down

1 x Large Waste Collector bag (Anti-bacterial with Sliding String Ties)

1 x Hygienic Absorbent liner (featuring an anti-odour and super-absorbent pad that turns all materials and liquids (up to 500 ml) into a gel, used to cover and protect the box.

Toilet paper

1 x Disinfecting wipe for hands

After use, the content is solidified ; dispose of the toilet paper and the wipe into the liner, then

hermetically seal it and throw it away in the collector bag.

This full collector bag and the carton box will be properly disposed of : buried if they are biodegradable and if not, disposed of in regular wastes.


Ready-to-use, hygienic and environmental: No more waste dispersions. Each person seats on its individual and single use hygienic bag, that means no cross contact/contamination.

Economical: Upto 100 uses per Toilet Kit. The per-use cost is cheaper than any other system and does not require any additional equipment. Also suppresses the need to purchase expensive equipment (chemical toilets, toilet blocks), and any related logistical complexity

Single-use: It eases and secures wastes collection and elimination, even in infectious environments.

Supresses Bad Odours

Versatile: Suitable for an extensive range of applications such as, Outdoor Events/Festivals, Emergencies (Natural Disasters, Humanitarian Emergencies), Military (Manoeuvres, Field Hospitals, Troops on the Move)

Easy Disposal: Once full, the waste bag is sealed and can be incinerated (no Chlorine, no Dioxins).

Long Term Storage/Shelf Life: Kits can be held for 5 years.


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